Safety Tips for Seniors Living at Home

By Katie Lawrence

For Seniors, remaining independent in their home can be a challenge; however there are many resources Seniors can use to remain comfortable in their own homes. Here are a few safety tips to keep your loved ones safe!

General Home Safety

  • Avoid hazardous items in high traffic areas such as electrical cords or area rugs that are not tacked down
  • Consider using a medical alert device
  • Do not wax floors with products that would create a slick surface
  • Make sure all areas are well-lit during the day and use night lights at night

Bathroom Safety

  • Use non-slip mats in the shower to avoid falls
  • Install hand rails in the bathroom to assist with stability
  • Make sure bathroom rugs are secured to the ground
  • Consider a raised toilet seat

Kitchen Safety

  • Place all large items such as pots and pans at waist level to avoid heavy lifting
  • If necessary, use a step stool with handrails to reach high places
  • Regularly evaluate food and throw out any past expiration
  • Keep a fire extinguisher in close proximity to the stove and other fire hazards

Mom’s Best Friend caregivers can provide peace of mind when concerned about a senior loved one. If you are looking for a trusted caregiver to keep your loved one safe and secure in their home, we can help! We can customize care to your individual needs.
Call us at 972-446-0500 for more information!


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