When to Make the Move to Assisted Living

By: Katie Lawrence

Making the decision to move an aging parent to an assisted living facility can be difficult. It’s understandable to want them to feel comfortable and remain in their home, however it’s important to know that they are safe and healthy. When trying to make this difficult choice, consider the following:

Recent accidents – Has your loved one recently had a major accident such as a fall or a medical issue? Think about who responded and how long it took them to get there.

Slow Recovery- As humans age, the body takes a lot longer to recuperate from illness such as the flu or the common cold. Not only that, but the common cold can easily turn into pneumonia which in some cases can be fatal.

Difficulty Completing Daily Tasks- Things that many take for granted every day, such as getting dressed or doing laundry, can get increasingly difficult with age. In a lot of cases this can be remedied through in-home care.

Personal Hygiene Problems- Does your loved one have problems remembering to bathe or change their clothes? Or are they able to get in and out of the shower without risk of injury? Ritualistic tasks such as these can be difficult for the elderly, yet they are very important to maintain in order to remain healthy.

Medication- If your loved one has to take medication daily, it can be hard to remember when to take their pill and more importantly, the correct dosage. Mistakes when taking medication can have serious adverse effects. Once again this can also be remedied through in-home care.


If you have decided your loved one is in need of care, our caregivers would love to assist you. Whether you need small tasks such as laundry or round-the-clock supervision Mom’s Best Friend is here to help.  To learn more visit our website!


Safety Tips for Seniors Living at Home

By Katie Lawrence

For Seniors, remaining independent in their home can be a challenge; however there are many resources Seniors can use to remain comfortable in their own homes. Here are a few safety tips to keep your loved ones safe!

General Home Safety

  • Avoid hazardous items in high traffic areas such as electrical cords or area rugs that are not tacked down
  • Consider using a medical alert device
  • Do not wax floors with products that would create a slick surface
  • Make sure all areas are well-lit during the day and use night lights at night

Bathroom Safety

  • Use non-slip mats in the shower to avoid falls
  • Install hand rails in the bathroom to assist with stability
  • Make sure bathroom rugs are secured to the ground
  • Consider a raised toilet seat

Kitchen Safety

  • Place all large items such as pots and pans at waist level to avoid heavy lifting
  • If necessary, use a step stool with handrails to reach high places
  • Regularly evaluate food and throw out any past expiration
  • Keep a fire extinguisher in close proximity to the stove and other fire hazards

Mom’s Best Friend caregivers can provide peace of mind when concerned about a senior loved one. If you are looking for a trusted caregiver to keep your loved one safe and secure in their home, we can help! We can customize care to your individual needs.
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